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Property Management & Acquisition

Management and Acquisition Services

Broker Representation, Consulting & Acquisition Services

With 40+ years of Real Estate experience in all facets of the business we are prepared to address your wants, needs and future expectations in a reasonable and well thought out plan of engagement. Additionally, PMC and associate partners will perform on-site reviews of potential development sites with comprehensive assessments and the attendant scope of project completion.

Detailed Analysis

PMC will provide a detailed analysis for any property you may be interested in purchasing, developing or leasing. Demographics and cash flow metrics are also available for comparison of like/kind properties currently owned or under lease. Current Market trends and statistics on all types of real properties are available.

Buyer-Broker or Leasing-Broker Representation

PMC will represent your interests as exclusive Buyer-Broker or Leasing-Broker for the acquisition or leasing of any property you are interested in purchasing or seeking tenants for occupancy. Specific Fair Market Rates with recent comparable sales and leases are readily available for all types of properties.

Owner-Tenant Relationship Services

PMC provides Owner-Tenant relationship services as well. Third-party representation is also available, including clean out and restoration services. We provide clients who may be interested in remodeling or expansion/construction a full array of options and planning protocol.

Client Mission Statement

Long term planning and investments in real estate accumulation for preservation is a key element to sustained future security. We can help you achieve that goal.

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