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Property management & Marketing

Management and Marketing Services Provided

Full Scope Tenant Screening

Complete Nationwide background search including TransUnion credit report w/score, eviction and judgements (both individual and corporate), criminal background check, tax liens, sexual offender database search, SSN# & EIN# verification, employment history, landlord verification and driver’s license/passport status.


Local, Regional & National marketing promulgated through Company resources and National database platforms. Individual website available. Each Property brochure contains a full photo gallery composed of site specifics: demographics, mapping, floorplans, and equipment. Subject property will be leased at existing market rates, and aggressively promoted and displayed in all appropriate venues. Comparable current market rates and conditions provided. Exchange and Trade opportunities are also available upon ownership request and designation.

Property Maintenance Protocol

Identification of potential problems, deferred or latent issues, zoning restrictions and traffic/parking considerations. Only licensed and bonded contractors perform repairs, maintenance, equipment service and/or construction. Invoices provided for all capital or maintenance expenses. Company will visually monitor the property, including supervision of any active service contracts. Annual or regularly scheduled walk-through inspections with photo gallery available at Ownership request. 


Straightforward easy-to-read monthly statements. Direct deposits or hardcopy remittance at Ownership preference. Relevant tax information provided annually, or otherwise, as may be requested. 1031 Exchange Services also available. 

Eviction and Notices of Demand

Company to provide full legal authority and dispensation as allowed by law. In the event of eviction, all processing and Court proceedings coordinated with attorney services, including collection of judgements and all restitution that may adjudicated by the Court. All Company Lease Agreements shall include damages for Breach of Lease by Tenant. All Documents related to the security and management of the property to be held in trust for 5 years concurrent with final date of tenant occupancy.

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